Are Generic Drugs Safe ?

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Are generic drugs safe ? This is the highly searched question regarding the safety. Let’s start discussing about the topic

What are Generic Drugs ?

Generic drugs are the drugs which have the same properties that of a specific branded drugs such as their pharmacologic (ingredients), side effects, dosage and working.

What is the difference between branded and Generic drugs ?

The difference between branded and generic drugs are

Branded Drugs Generic Drugs
1Branded Drugs are made by the company which did the actual R&D of the product.Generic Drugs are the drugs which has the same properties as the branded drugs such as dosage, ingredients, side effects
2The costs is more than 100xThey are quite cheaper to buy.
3These are oftenly FDA approved drugs.While very few of the generic drugs are FDA Approved.

Price is less but that doesn’t mean that the quality of the drug is compromised for Generic drug. The quality is same as the branded drugs

How it performs when compared with branded drugs ?

Performance of generic drugs is quite similar to that of a branded drugs. Its efficiency, working, effectiveness, shelf life.

There are some new companies which are developing branded generics

There is a new trend in pharmaceutical industry which is known as branded generics. Branded generics are the products which are made with spending little R&D on the branded drugs and are sold near the price of generic drugs.

These are readily available and manufactured by famous companies such as Mylan, Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory selling branded-generics products.

How safe are the generic drugs

The basic principal behind the generic drugs is the cheap price. These are cheap as the manufacturer has not done any R&D, marketing for the product which requires massive investment.

They are the exact copy of a branded drugs having similar dosage types, same ingredients with same side effects and working. The only difference is the pricing.

Therefore we can conclude that the generic drugs are as safe as the branded drugs.

Some of my medicines are sourced from countries like India. Are they safe ?

As per the latest reports in the year 2017-18. India exported $17.3 billion worth of generic medicines in the world. They are completely safe as the brand-name drugs. They have similar

  • Active ingredients
  • Dosage
  • Pill size
  • Working
  • Effects
  • Side effects
  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Shelf life
  • Effectiveness

You don’t have to worry about its safety. Usually all the manufacturers are government approved. They have appropriate manufacturing environment required for manufacturing.

Some of the most purchased generic drugs are

Kamagra 100 mg which is generic form of Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) which is widely used in treating Erectile dysfunction in men.

Voritek is a generic for voriconazole has the brand name Vfend which is sold at $6.75 per pill while Vfend is sold $40 per pill.

Fluconazole is the most sold fungal infection drug sold under the generic name like Fluka, Forcan sold for less than $0.50 a tablet.

PReP drugs which are sold for thousands of dollar is available for cheap pricing with the companies such as Natco, which sells anti cancer, PReP drugs for cheap pricing.

Are generic drugs from India are safe ?

Yes, these are totally safe but have the same side effects as the branded. What India makes a good source of medicines is major brands. India is home to the world biggest pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Companies like

  • Sun Pharma
  • Ranbaxy (now Sun Pharma)
  • Ajanta Pharma
  • Dr. Reddy’s laboratory
  • Natco (for PReP and Cancer)

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