How to use Estradiol ?

Estradiol is an estrogen hormone which is produced by the ovaries in the female body. It is one of the essential hormone without it body won’t function properly. Estradiol is available in the form of oral estradiol tablet (Progynova 2 mg, Estrace), estradiol gel (Oestrogel, Estrace Gel) and Injection form formerly known Progynon Depot.

There is very safe way by which you can take the estradiol to combat the following

  • Osteoporosis
  • Hot Flashes
  • Bone loss
  • Vaginal Irritation

In these cases doctor does recommend some of the women to go under the HRT. HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy is the treatment in which estrogens are taken by the women to curb from the above symptoms. Being one of the most painful symptoms in women’s life, they must be treated as soon as possible so that they can live their life freely.

How does it differ from the natural estradiol ?

Oral estradiol as well as estradiol gel both are similar to estrogen that are produced in the female ovary. Estradiol Valerate tablet is synthetically produced and required to be followed properly under the supervision of your doctor.

Same is with the Estradiol gel it is produced in the gel for which is applied on the muscle and you must follow the same way your doctor has prescribed.

How to use oral Estradiol Valerate tablets ?

Taking an oral estradiol valerate tablet is as easy as taking any other medicine. Just follow your doctor’s prescription. Take the specified amount of estradiol 1 mg, 2 mg with one full glass of water. Just remember that you have to take your dose at a regular time and never forget or delay it.

If you have forgotten about it due to any chance, take the dose as soon as you have remembered about it. If it’s time to take the next dose then do not double dose or overdose. Overdosing / Double dosing can have severe effect on your body. Always take your dose at the same as you took on the previous day.

How to measure the exact amount of dose when under the Estradiol gel Oestrogel 0.06%

With Oestrogel 0.06% there will be a measuring spatula that would be provided to you with oestrogel tube pack. Overdosing estrogen can be harmful for you therefore you need to measure the exact amount of the estradiol gel that you need to apply on your body.

Take the measuring spatula, put the gel on it take out the strength that your doctor has prescribed you to be applied on your body. Since estradiol gel is absorbed directly by the skin, so you don’t have to worry about any odour of the gel. It is odourless, colorless gel.

Apply the amount of gel that you have taken out of the tube. Apply it on the place that your doctor has prescribed you to apply.

Any other use of Estradiol ?

Recently it was found that Estradiol tablets and gel is being used by the women you are under the IVF therapy. In IVF therapy / pregnancy the female body requires higher level of Estradiol in the body to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Lack of enough estrogen in the body can lead to miscarriage and premature birth of the baby.

With Estradiol such as Progynova 2 mg other medication such as Proluton Depot (Hydroxyprogesterone) is given to the patients to maintain the progesterone levels in the body. Progesterone is required in the pregnancy. Lower the progesterone levels in the body higher will be the chances of premature baby birth. In those cases Hydroxyprogesterone injections are given from the 19th week of the pregnancy.

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