Follicare HP

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Follicare HP belongs to a group of medications for treating infertility in women, a female fertility product. The active ingredient present in Follicare 75 is Follicle Stimulating hormone an important hormone for fertilization. Buy Follicare 75 iu HP, 150 IU at Allgenericcure.

What are Follicare 75 iu uses?

  • It enhances fertility hormones in women.
  • Advances the sperm count in man

Who can use Follicare 150 IU hp?

It is prescribed during In-vitro fertilization. You must be under the doctor’s supervision before use.

How to use Follicare HP 150?

It is used in combination with other gonadotropins such as Menotropin. The medication is a continuous process that involves a complete dosage and after having all hormones with adequate levels the egg is received for the process of fertilization with the sperms. Once the egg is fertilized it is placed back into the womb.

Active Ingredient


Brand Name



Gufic Biosciences

Pack Size

1 injection/s


Enhance Sperm Count, Infertility treatment in women


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