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Memat is a new generic alternative for the product Imatinib which is an anti-cancer medication. It is an oral chemotherapy drug. Meant for patients which leukaemia, gastrointestinal stromal tumour and lymphocytic leukaemia syndrome. The medication received approval from the FDA in 2006. The condition in which patients are given is critical and life-threatening.

How does Memat 400 work?

Imatinib is a class of drugs that are known as kinase inhibitors. It works by stopping the action of a specific normally happening stuff that might be needed to help malignancy cells duplicating themselves and increasing their population. This forestalls the augmentation and spreading of cancer cells growth. It encourages your body to stop developing and producing the abnormal cells which cause the tumors to develop.

Using Imatinib for anti-cancer purpose?

The active ingredient in Memat 100mg belongs to a group of medicines called kinase inhibitors. The Kinase inhibitor inhibits the production of proteins which causes increased production of cells which acts abnormally and can start killing the normal healthy cells. Leading to the crisis in the immunity as the immune system usually kills those abnormal cells. While the immune system is unable to do so.

Where to buy Imatinib online?

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Memat side effects

Some of the side effects are listed below

  • Weight gain
  • Increased water retention
  • Oedema
  • Vomiting
  • Skin rash
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle cramp

Is it safe to take Memat 400 in pregnancy?

You must consult your doctor before having Memat 400 as a prescription. As it can develop risk with the pregnancy.

Dosage type

Daily dosage of 400 mg, 600 and 800 mg are prescribed as per the requirement. Take it while eating food with water only. The medication helps in lymphocytic leukaemia syndrome treatment.

Imatinib pricing

  • Memat 100: $0.90 per tablet
  • Memat 400: $2.00 per tablet

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What is Imatinib mesylate?

Imatinib mesylate is an anti-cancer drug. Specifically for gastrointestinal stromal tumours. It actively treats chronic myelogenous leukemia.

What is imatinib mesylate

Imatinib Mesylate is an anti-cancer. It is a chemotherapy drug that uses powerful ant-cancer drug imatinib for treating the gastrointestinal stromal tumour.

How is imatinib administered?

A daily dose of 400mg, 600mg and 800mg is prescribed to the patient with taken while having the meal with one glass of water.

Cost of Imatinib?

Each pill of Memat 100mg is $0.90 per tablet and for 400mg for $2.00 per tablet of imatinib.

where to buy Imatinib mesylate?

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What is imatinib used for?

Memat is prescribed in Chemotherapy with patients having lymphocytic leukaemia syndrome and gastrointestinal stromal tumour.

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