Revize Cream

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Brand Name: Renova
Unit: 1 Cream/20gm
Active Ingredient: Tretinoin 0.02% USP


Revize Cream is branded tretinoin cream 0.02% manufactured by Glenmark. Glenmark is a pioneer manufacturer of a skincare product. Revize has Tretinoin 0.02% USP which is powerful cream for treating acne with anti-ageing properties. The cream is an easy application i.e best effective if applied before sleeping. It heals the skin damaged from prolonged sun exposure, pimple/acne marks. The active ingredient tretinoin belongs to a group medication called retinoids which are Vitamin A pigments. Vitamin A enriches skin with essential nutrients all they do is promoting skin cell growth. To enhance your skin texture all you need is to Buy Revize Cream online and apply it to your skin.

What is Tretinoin 0.02% USP?

Tretinoin 0.02% USP is the active ingredient found in the revize cream.

Where to buy revize cream online (Tretinoin 0.02% USP)?

Buy Tretinoin 0.02% USP cream brand Revize for the cheap price online at Allgenericcure. Allgenericcure is the leading Online Indian Pharmacy shipping top quality branded products to the UK and the US.

How to use Revize cream?

Revize cream is a topical retinoid cream having Vitamin A as the active ingredient. Vitamin A promotes the development of skin tissues. Apply small quantity, size of a pea on the zit/acne or fine lines. And gently massage it on your skin, fine lines. Let it rest for few minutes the white cream gets absorbed by the skin. Do not wash for atleast 6 hours. The cream will disappear in few minutes of application.

Where to buy revize cream online?

Buy Revize Cream at Allgenericcure the leading Indian Online Pharmacy for the cheapest price in the US and UK. The active ingredient Tretinoin 0.02% USP is available at Allgenericcure. Treats acne and fine lines stops your skin ageing and make it look younger and brighter.


  • Anti-Ageing uses
  • Removing dark spots
  • Acne Marks
  • Acne/Zits/pimple
  • Skin Darkening
  • Wound Marks
  • Mixing with Minoxidil to increase hair growth serum effectiveness

Side effects

  • Inflammation
  • Headache
  • Increased sensation towards the sunlight
  • Redness
  • Increased pimple/acne development
Active Ingredient


Brand Name



Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Pack Size

1 Cream/20gm, 3 Creams/60gm, 5 Creams/100gm


Tretinoin 0.02% USP


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