Anti Rh D Injection (Rhoclone)

Anti Rh D Immunoglobulin


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Anti Rh D Injection (Rhoclone)

What is Anti D?

Anti Rh D 300 injection is a product prescribed to the mother when the child and mother both have different Rh blood groups. In such cases, the mother has Rh-negative blood during the pregnancy and the child has Rh-positive. Rhoclone is administered when during the 28-week of pregnancy and within the 48 hours of giving to an Rh-positive child. Buy Anti Rh D brand Rhoclone injection at Allgenericcure. Get the best pricing and special rate quotation.

Side effects

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Pain in the injection site


Rhoclone is prescribed to the patient to prevent the formation of antibodies when received Rh-positive blood transfusion in Rh-negative patients.

How does Anti d injection works?

The active ingredient in the Rhoclone is Anti D injection. It helps in the prevention of abnormalities in the pregnancy which can cause abortion due to a mismatch of blood groups of both mother and child.  The basic working is by nullifying the effects and mixing of Rh-positive blood entering the bloodstream of the mother. Such action can cause the placenta to bleed and cause miscarriage.


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