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What is Pactandi?

Buy Enzalutamide brand Pactandi Online at Allgenericcure. Enzalutamide is an anti-androgen drug for treating prostate cancer. The product is sold under the brand name Xtandi. At Allgenericcure buys Enzalutamide brand Pactandi at the lowest price in the Philippines, Vietnam

What is Enzalutamide?

Enzalutamide is anti-androgen it reduces the testosterone antigen in the body by up to 89%. It is prescribed to patients who have previously failed to show response in the chemotherapy for prostate cancer. An FDA approved formulation for prostate cancer acts as an anticancer drug for chemotherapy. Approved in the year 2012.

Pactandi Dosage

As per the dosage, you have to take 160 mg of Enzalutamide daily. Each pack has 28 tablets having dosage for 7 days. Daily 4 pills are taken equal to 160 mg a day. Each pack has a week worth of medication. Lasting till 56 days.

Side effects

  • Muscle pain
  • Breast pain
  • Tenderness in chest
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Breast development
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Feminisation

Where to buy enzalutamide online?

Buy Enzalutamide online at Allgenericcure. We offer at the lowest pricing online for just $5 per capsule, $20 for a day worth of dosage.

Is Pactandi prescribed in Chemotherapy?

It is a chemotherapy drug for prostate cancer.



How much does enzalutamide cost

At Allgenericcure each pill of Enzalutamide costs $5 per pill.

How to take Enzalutamide?

You have to take enzalutamide as prescribed by your physician. Usually, you have to take 40mg four times a day for the chemotherapy which is 160 mg of enzalutamide a day. It is an oral medicine you have to take with water everyday same time.

What is Pactandi used for?

It is prescribed for the treatment of Prostate cancer during chemotherapy.


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