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Candid B

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Candid B Cream

What is Candid B Cream?

Candid b is an anti-inflammatory cream used for bacterial infection. With the active ingredient Beclometasone and Clotrimazole, it’s effective against several different species of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, etc. It works well with children under 3 months old who are allergic to antifungals or steroids.

What is Candid B cream used?

Candid b is used for a skin-based fungal infection that includes

  • Vaginal rash
  • Skin rash
  • Ringworm infection
  • Other fungal infections of the skin

It further reduces the skin rash and inflammation that leads to the bumps-like formation developing on the skin.

How to use Candid b cream?

Candid is used and applied on external surfaces only.

  • Wash the infected area gently with antiseptic soap.
  • Gently apply with clean fingertips and gently rub over the infected skin.
  • Let it dry completely without any external factors affecting the drying process.
  • It is also effective in healing the athlete’s foot which includes rashes around the feet leading to fungal infection around the toes. Common with people who have sweaty feet and tight shoes.

How long do I need to use Beclometasone and Clotrimazole cream?

For best results, you must use it as long as your doctor has asked you to use it. If you stop using it within the middle of your course. You might see the results won’t last long. If there is little to no improvement in the complete course, then you must contact your doctor immediately.

Side effects

Some of the most common side effects are burning sensations, irritation, little inflammation, and redness on the applied area. Prolonged use may cause skin dryness and old infected skin peeling off. These are some of the after-effects rather than side effects. In case you experience an allergic reaction, you must stop using the cream and contact your doctor on an urgent basis.

Can I get it delivered to the USA, UK, and Saudi Arabia?

Yes, the product is available for purchase in the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, France, and Hong Kong. We at Allgenericcure, ship to many countries, and the product is available for a cost-effective price.

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