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Bayer Pharma Private Limited

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Benadon - 90 tablet/s $9.00

$0.10 per tablet/s

Benadon - 180 tablet/s $18.00

$0.10 per tablet/s

Benadon - 270 tablet/s $27.00

$0.10 per tablet/s


What is Benadon 40mg Tablet?

Benadon 40mg is an Vitamin B6 supplement. Usage of Benadon improves the overall health of the nervous system by improving the immune system response rate.  The active ingredient is Pyridoxine. The main usage is enhancing digestion making the body utilize all the food nutrition properly. Increase red blood cells production. Develop better immune system germs and viruses. It is manufactured by Bayer Pharma in India.

Where to buy Benadon 40 mg?

Buy Benadon 40 mg online at Allgenericcure.

Is it safe while lactating?

It is completely safe while lactating. Although you must share with your doctor prior taking.

Side effects?

There are no side effects reported when taking.

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