Vitamin C tablet

Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C Tablet


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Ascorbic Acid 100mg

Increasing Antioxidants, Increasing Immunity, Scurvy

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Vitamin C tablet

What is Vitamin C tablet?

Vitamin C is the citrusy, sour in taste contains ascorbic acid. Helps in improving immunity. It also used in repairing skin and tissues. Found in many tangy fruits such as orange, tomatoes, bell pepper, Kiwi, Brocalli, strawberries. It reduces the symptoms of flu and the common cold in a significant period of time. The immunity-boosting properties helps in making us stronger against flu and common cold each tablet contains 100 mg of ascorbic acid. Buy vitamin c tablets online at


  • Scurvy
  • Increasing immunity against germs
  • Treat common cold


Vitamin c is water-soluble so there is no risk of getting accumulated in the body, easy to digest. It is recommended not to make more than 1000 mg a day for pregnant women.

There are many benefits such as

  1. Improving immunity
  2. Treating common cold readily

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Active ingredient

Ascorbic acid 100 mg is the active ingredient. It is prescribed to have about 1000mg a day for a healthy living being.


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