Aldactone 25 mg


Aldactone 25 mg

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What is Aldactone 25 mg?

Aldactone 25 mg contains spironolactone 25mg as its active ingredient. Spironolactone 25 mg is prescribed for a patient with a heart condition (recently suffered from heart failure), high blood pressure condition. With Aldactone 25 mg this condition can be cured. Buy Spironolactone 25 mg in UK online at AllGenericCure. We ship in the US, UK, France, Japan.

What is Spironolactone 25 mg used for?

Spironolactone 25 mg belongs to a group of medications called water pills. It treats edema conditions where a patient has increased water retention capacity.

It improves lower potassium count and removes sodium in the blood thus treating high blood pressure.

Where to buy spironolactone 25 mg in UK?

Buy spironolactone 25 mg in the UK at AllGenericCure.

Aldactone 25 mg side effects?

Some of the side effects listed below

  • Numbness
  • Water loss
  • Sodium loss
  • Hair loss initially
  • Feeling tired
  • Heartbeat skip
  • Weakness

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  1. Amara Roger (verified owner)

    The product works as intended my bloating has reduced significantly

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