Asthalin Inhaler

Unit or per pill price: $6.00 per inhaler/s

Number of doses: 200 Metered Doses

Asthalin Inhaler is the most prescribed Salbutamol 100mcg inhaler for patients with asthma.

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Asthalin Inhaler

Active Ingredient

Salbutamol Inhaler

Brand Name





Salbutamol 100 mg


Asthma, COPD

What is Asthalin Inhaler?

Asthalin Inhaler is an inhalation device containing medication known as Salbutamol which is a drug for patients with Asthma, lung promoting sensitivity and impediment in breathing, and bronchospasm. The active ingredient Salbutamol is an effective bronchodilator. The drug stays powerful for 4-6 hours. It provides instant relief from bronchospasm and other obstruction while breathing caused by internal inflammation of the breathing passage. Buy Asthalin inhaler online at Allgenericcure, we ship it in

  • USA
  • UK
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Japan

What is Salbutamol 100mcg, Can I purchase it in USA?

Salbutamol 100mcg is a medicine that was viewed as successful against Asthma and COPD in 1969 in the UK. In 1982 United States supported this drug 1982. WHO perceives Salbutamol as a fundamental essential drug for treating Asthma.

It is considered one of the safe medicines used for instant relief from Asthma Attacks and COPD. The medication works by relaxing the muscles. And treats bronchospasm effectively.

The inhaler works by giving relief from the asthma attack causing an inability to plan for patients who have just had an asthma attack. Such as wheezing (rattling sound while breathing), and shortness while breathing which are caused by allergens like pollen.

Is asthalin inhaler same as Albuterol?

Albuterol and asthalin inhalers both have the same active ingredient Salbutamol as its active ingredient. Therefore both are the same.


Salbutamol 100mcg is used to treat pneumonic illnesses like asthma, and breathing problems. It gives alleviation from the ongoing hack, cold and wheezing also. The physician might recommend you in the event that you are experiencing asthma, dust sensitivity, experiencing wheezing for some time. It is a Ventolin generic alternative accessible on the web for the lowest pricing at Allgenericcure.

How does it work?

The inhaler contains active medicine salbutamol more commonly known as albuterol. Its action begins in a few minutes of inhaling it and it lasts for more than 6 hours. Bronchoconstriction is a situation airway passage happens during intense exercise. When a Salbutamol inhaler is inhaled it relaxes the muscles by soothing it.

How to use Asthalin inhaler?

  1. Take the inhaler
  2. Shake the inhaler well
  3. Open the cover
  4. exhale out all the air from the lungs
  5. Push the inhaler downwards into your mouth and start inhaling the salbutamol dose from the mouth
  6. After inhaling hold your breath for at least 10 seconds the dose you have inhaled. Recap it after every use.
  7. Store in a cool and dry place.

Keep a bottle of water with you every time you take your dose. As the inhaler may cause dry mouth. It is suggested to keep yourself hydrated most of the time. If your mouth tastes bad after taking the dose, rinse it with fresh water. Order Salbutamol Inhaler in USA at Allgenericcure.

Why it is prescribed?

Asthalin Inhaler is prescribed to provide instant relief from breathing difficulties and bronchospasm. It is a situation in which the lungs suffer from tightness. The inability to breathe properly causes a wheezing sound, and heavy breathing. Symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness of the chest.

Asthma is a breathing problem that makes it difficult to inhale appropriately in specific situations. The condition emerges due to the restricted breathing section. Here and there occur because of enlarging, and stores of bodily fluid residue particles. Making it hard to relax.

Causing heavy breathing, and coughing. The active ingredient is Salbutamol 100 mcg and the effectiveness of the bronchodilator lasts for as long as 4-6 hours. With fast-acting action, it relieves the effects of asthma as soon as the medication is taken. Buy asthalin Inhaler USA online at Allgenericcure

Is it safe?

It is completely safe. As per WHO it is an essential drug. It is widely prescribed for bronchospasm which causes obstruction while breathing. You should not take more than a prescribed dose per day. Taking more can cause increased thirst as your mouth will get dry quickly. Always recap after every use.

What is the price of Asthalin Inhaler in USA?

Asthalin inhaler costs $5.50 per piece. Manufactured by Cipla. There is a total of 200 doses in each inhaler. It is an aerosol puff inhaler for your lungs to treat asthma symptoms. Asthalin inhaler is available to purchase in the USA and the UK for the lowest price online.

Side effects

Side effects include

  • Urge to cough
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Headache
  • irregular heart rate
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Tremor sensation
  • Dry mouth
  • White deposit on the tongue
  • Bad taste


  • You should be at least 4 years older before taking an Asthalin inhaler.
  • Allergic to Salbutamol.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Tell it about your doctor.
  • You can use the inhaler if you are pregnant or planning to have a baby soon. It is safe to use. But you must get a second opinion.
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother. This medicine can pass on through your breast milk.


Consider increasing the drinking of water. This is will stop your mouth from drying and helps in the proper working of the lungs. If you start drinking enough water, there will be no white deposit can be found on the tongue.

Does it cause addiction?

No, Asthalin inhaler does not cause addiction. This is a myth. Many people have this question, the answer is simply no. Each dose makes it easy for the patients to breathe easily.

Where to buy Asthalin inhaler online?

We have a long list of countries where we ship. Few of them are

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • China
  • France
  • Spain
  • China
  • South Africa

We also ship in the Bronx, New York too. Order Salbutamol Inhaler Online at Allgenericcure

Drug interaction

There is no such medication that can cause interaction. You must avoid the following

  • Consuming alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Use a humidifier if you have a dry mouth that is causing an inability to breathe.

Is Salbutamol a steroid?

Asthalin Inhaler’s main ingredient is Salbutamol. Salbutamol is a muscle relaxant. It relaxes your muscles and makes it easy to breathe again.

Can I buy salbutamol inhaler online in the USA?

Buy the salbutamol inhaler online for a cheap price at Allgenericcure in both USA, UK. An alternative to Ventolin inhaler.

Effectiveness of Asthalin Inhaler during an asthma attack?

The effect of the salbutamol inhaler will last as long as 8 hours. It is effective against allergies that cause sudden chest tightness.

The active key ingredient Salbutamol gives a quick response to the asthma attack when it occurs. It enables one to breathe properly on its occurrence which leads them unable to breathe properly. Albuterol is the most prescribed drug for patients having asthma.

People of any age can use it as a child as small as 4 years of age. It is very easy to use and more effective than syrup and tablets which can cause you to gain weight.

How to use Salbutamol 100mcg inhaler?

When you have prescribed a drug it should be followed properly. In the case of asthma, you should follow your doctor’s instructions very carefully.

  • Children: Ask your doctor to guide kids before start making them use asthalin inhaler. Teaching them is very important. Kids are recommended to take only 1 puff (1 dose) at a time for children of age up to 12 years.
  • Adults: Adults should take at least 2 puffs. If you do not get relief from the 2 puffs take up to 5 puffs. More than that can cause serious damage to your lungs.
  • Breastfeeding mother: It is completely safe to use a salbutamol Inhaler having Salbutamol as its active ingredient when you are a breastfeeding mother.

It causes your mouth to get dry quickly which is a common side effect. Always carry a bottle of water and keep yourself hydrated all the time. If prescribed Salbutamol rotacaps then order at Allgenericcure for ordering.

Safety and Precautions

Precautions to maintain when using asthalin Inhaler?

  • When you have been prescribed a bronchodilator you should consider quitting smoking. Smoking is always bad for health and asthma patients should consider quitting smoking. It can lead to unavoidable circumstances where your life can be in a dangerous situation.
  • Many patients who are taking alcohol while under this medication, they might experience lower effectiveness. Therefore it has been suggested to stop alcohol consumption.

How to store Asthalin Inhaler?

Asthalin Inhaler is meant to be kept in a cool and dry place. After complete usage of your inhaler discard it carefully. Do not store under sunlight and heat. Always carry it with you. Drink a lot of water while using an inhaler as inhalers usually cause drying of the mouth.

Can athletes use Asthalin Inhaler if prescribed?

If you are an athlete about to perform your exercise you must take your dose before starting. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes. This is a precautionary measure if you have exercise-induced asthma. An alternative to Ventolin Inhaler.

What is the total number of doses per pack?

There is a total of 200 Metered Doses in each pack of Asthalin Inhaler.

Does smoking is allowed for Asthma?

If you smoke and you are on this medication so stop smoking immediately. As it causes breathing-related problems and may lead to cancer as well. Continuing smoking while on an inhaler may lead to ineffectiveness.

Is it safe to use Asthalin Inhaler during Pregnancy?

Asthalin Inhaler is completely safe if you are planning pregnancy or pregnant. You can continue using it. Although you must contact your doctor if you feel uneasiness after inhalation.

How often do I need to take use it?

  • Salbutamol is the active ingredient in Asthalin Inhaler which is a steroid. It works by relaxing and expanding the muscles making them wide and easy to breathe if you have an asthma attack.
  • It takes about 2-3 minutes to show its effectiveness. The drug directly enters your lungs and starts widening the contraction caused by muscles due to allergies, asthma attacks, and COPD. This sudden contraction of muscles causes the inability to breathe properly.
  • If you have Asthma, you can keep it for your asthma maintenance. The drug belongs to a group of medications called bronchodilators. The WHO has also been marked on the list of essential medicines. To make it more a fruitful option.

Patients with Heart Conditions and Diabetes

If you are having diabetes you should be more cautious and take care of your health. It has been found that when you are under an Asthalin Inhaler blood sugar increases significantly. Tell your doctor about your condition before getting yourself prescribed Albuterol Inhaler.

The active ingredient is a steroid namely Salbutamol. Steroids tend to cause a problem in heart conditions therefore Salbutamol may increase the risk of a heart condition you must share your condition with your doctor before getting the inhaler.

Asthalin inhaler relieves breathlessness?

Breathlessness is a common effect after you have a high exercise time. The reason behind breathlessness is lungs are unable to expand properly. Breathlessness eases as soon as you start taking your dose. The effects start within seconds of taking the inhaler.  It expands and smooths the muscle making it easier for you to breathe.

Is Salbutamol available for purchase in USA?

Buy fast acting salbutamol inhaler in the USA with Allgenericcure.

Using Asthalin inhaler for wheezing

Asthalin Inhaler is prescribed when you are having a wheezing situation it is caused by narrow breathing airways. This is caused by a sudden allergy or a patient who has a breathing problem that needs diagnosis. It is a steroid that promotes easiness when you breathe by widening that airway passage and smoothing the muscles. Making it easier to breathe. It helps in overcoming the wheezing sound. Wheezing is a heavy sound produced when the lungs exhale carbon dioxide.

Missed Dose?

It is prescribed to take when you face difficulty in breathing or at the time of asthma condition. If prescribed to take at a specific time then inhale the inhaler at the time your doctor has prescribed.

How many puffs do you need to take control of an asthma attack?

As per the guidance of the doctor. They usually prescribe take 1 for kids and 2 for adults. The active ingredient salbutamol 100 mcg immediately relaxes the muscles which causes an obstruction in breathing. No need to take more than 1-2 puffs.

Is asthalin good for COPD conditions?

Asthalin inhaler is an inhaler spray for COPD. COPD causes disturbance while breathing making a strange whistling sound from the lungs when you breathe in. The inhaler spray works very well on the condition giving a prompt response in treatment. Reduces the inflammation in a few seconds being a fast-acting bronchodilator.

Does Allgenericcure ship asthma inhalers in UK and France?

You can purchase asthma inhaler online at Allgenericcure. We ship in

  • USA
  • UK
  • Spain
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore


Is Asthalin Inhaler safe in Pregnancy?

Asthalin Inhaler is completely safe in the pregnancy. There is no adverse effect found. The drug is a WHO-recommended essential product. Millions of patients use Salbutamol inhaler to manage asthma.

Uses of Asthalin Inhaler?

It is prescribed to manage asthma. It eases and makes you breathe easily.

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