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Asthma / Allergic coughing , wheezing

Salbutamol 200mg

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Asthalin Rotacaps

What is Asthalin Rotacaps

Asthalin Rotacaps has Salbutamol 200 mg capsules with powdered medication for Asthma patients. Used with Rotahaler inhalation device to inhale the medication. The active ingredient Salbutamol is prescribed for various situations usage including treating bronchospasm, allergies which causes sudden obstruction in breathing leading to shortness of breath, tightness in the chest. Asthalin rotacaps are small capsules containing fine powder. Patients need to inhale the powder in order to treat their condition.


Rotacaps are manufactured by Cipla and required to use Rotacaps for the purpose of inhalation of the asthmatic drugs that include Salbutamol 200mg. It readily treats Wheezing conditions, shortness of breath, chest tightness. Available over the counter with doctor’s prescription.

How do asthalin rotacap works?

Asthalin is a muscle relaxant medicine. With the help of salbutamol, it widens the passage which causes obstruction in breathing. As soon as you have taken the dosage it starts acting on the muscles and soothes them widens the gap and makes it easy to breathe again normally. Best works when a patient has sudden chest tightness and wheezing.

Where to buy asthalin rotacaps?

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