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Azelaic Acid 10%, Azelaic Acid 20%


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Aziderm Cream

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What is Aziderm cream?

Aziderm cream is a respectable product for treating a certain type of pimple caused by bacteria. It easily treats ingrown such as blackheads, whiteheads, swelling, and lumps caused by pimples. Azelaic Acid the active ingredient found in the cream comes in 10% and 20% options. It treats the bacteria which cause inflammation and stops the ongoing production of such pimples. Aziderm cream Buy online at AllGenericCure. Providing all the information such as side uses, dosage, side effects, and how to use it. Purchase in

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Aziderm cream 20 uses?

Aziderm cream is a specialized cream. Prescribed for the following use

  • Inflammation and lumps caused by pimples
  • Stop ingrown caused by bacteria
  • Yeast infection
  • Killing pimples causing bacteria
  • Stops further hair loss (using its anti-androgenic properties)
  • Helps in the prevention of pimples getting produced everywhere.

How does it work?

The active ingredient found in this product Azelaic Acid has anti-inflammatory actions. It kills such bacteria which causes infection on the skin. Act directly on the pimples causing germs. It clears up all the oil-clogged skin pores which lead to the production of pimples. It also prevents the development of blackheads using its anti-skin cell thickening properties.

Active ingredient?

Azelaic Acid 10/20 is the active ingredient found.


It is manufactured by Micro Labs in India.

Buy Aziderm cream online?

You can buy aziderm cream online at AllGenericCure. We ship in the UK at the lowest price.

Helping in hair loss

Aziderm cream 10 is an active medicine for treating androgenic alopecia both in men and women. Although it will not grow the hair back to the area you have lost the hair. But it will help in maintaining and further stops hair loss on the receding side.

Azelaic Acid 20 acts on the hair follicle. Androgenic alopecia causes hair loss in both men and women. The higher level of DHT is responsible for such hair loss. Azelaic Acid cream reduces the accumulation of such hormones and helps further maintain the hair from falling down further. You can combine it with finasteride 1mg for better results.

Side effects

Common side effects related to aziderm cream 10 are

  • Burning sensation
  • Urge to scratch
  • Tingling sensation
  • Skin drying
  • Increased sensitivity under sunlight
  • Increased facial hair growth

How to use Azelaic Acid 20?

  1. Wash your face carefully with mild facewash.
  2. Let it dry and after 20 minutes apply the cream to the affected area.
  3. Rub the cream with your fingertips until you see no residue left.
  4. Wash your hands after application.
  5. Follow your prescription and physician’s direction carefully.


You are requested not to use any other purpose listed above. You might be required to apply Azelaic Acid 10 cream as long as your dermatologist has asked to.

If you face any discomfort for a much longer time. Please discontinue using aziderm cream 20.


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    Using aziderm for my pimples. I am satisfied with its results.

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