Cetrorelix Acetate

Cetrorelix acetate

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Cetrorelix for PCOS

Cetrorelix Acetate

What is Cetrorelix Acetate injection?

Cetrorelix acetate is a medication that influences a woman’s body to a gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist. It is an antagonist which reduces premature gonadotropin hormone production and stops releasing them. It suppresses the hormones from getting released by the pituitary gland hormones. Cetrorelix is also prescribed for PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). PCOS is a condition in which androgen levels get increased. Causing irregular menstrual cycle, facial hair growth, pelvic pain, and acne. Buy Cetrorelix injection for treating PCOS online at Allgenericcure for cheap pricing.

What is cetrorelix used for?

  • Used to suppress the gonadotropin hormones to stimulate the egg for a longer period of time for better results.
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Prevent untimely ovulation in women after successful initiation of Fsh and stop further interference of the hormone.
  • PCOS

Brand name

Asporlix 0.25 mg is the brand name available with us for Cetrorelix acetate injection. The US brand name is Cetrotide.

Does Cetrorelix Acetate effective for PCOS?

Cetrorelix 0.25mg is prescribed in IVF for women who have PCOS which causes trouble in pregnancy. PCOS causes irregular periods and overall problems in the pregnancy. With Cetrorelix Acetate PCOS can be treated and results are overall great in such cases.

How much does Cetrorelix cost?

Cetrorelix acetate injection is priced at $24.00 per injection at Allgenericcure.

Using cetrorelix injection in IVF?

Cetrorelix injection is used for preventing the untimely ovulation of eggs for the purpose of fertilization. Firstly it is stimulated with help of other gonadotropins which includes Fsh. Then the egg is received for fertilization. The whole process is called Ivf.


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