Endoreg 2mg (Dienogest)



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Dienogest 2mg – 28 tablet/s, Dienogest 2mg – 56 tablet/s, Dienogest 2mg – 84 tablet/s

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Endoreg 2mg (Dienogest)

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What is Endoreg 2mg tablet?

Endoreg 2 mg is generic for Visanne 2mg brand which has the active ingredient Dienogest. Generic Visanne helps in maintaining progestin hormone combined with other estrogens including estradiol to treat heavy periods. A heavy period is a condition causing heavy bleeding and pain through the 3-4 days span. It is also used for endometriosis a rare condition that causes the tissues to grow outside the uterus causing an irregular menstrual cycle leading to heavy periods. Buy Dienogest online at Allgenericcure we ship Dienogest 2mg in the UK and US order now for cheap pricing.

What is Dienogest?

Dienogest 2 mg is an estrogen hormone given with a combination of other estrogens which includes estradiol, and progesterone. It is used as birth control.

Brand name for Dienogest 2 mg?

Visanne is the brand name for Endoreg 2mg tablets. It is used to treat thickened walls of the uterus which causes reproduction issues, and painful periods.

What is generic Visanne used for?

Dienogest 2 mg tablet is given for hormone replacement therapy for women who experience irregular period cycles, and heavy periods which are very painful. It prevents endometriosis and stops the growth of the tissues at the outer walls of the uterine.

It works as birth control when combined with estrogen to prevent heavy periods and avoid menopausal symptoms which include osteoporosis,

Where to buy Dienogest online?

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Side effects?

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Initial heavy bleeding during the periods
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain


The dosage of Endoreg should be the same as guided by your doctor. Overdose can cause serious problems.

Can I get pregnant while taking dienogest?

No, dienogest 2 mg is birth control, if consumed during pregnancy, it may cause miscarriage. Stops its usage as soon as you decide to get pregnant.


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