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Erytop gel is prescribed for treating acne. It decreases the spots where acne has caused severe effects. Buy Erytop gel online

Erytop gel

What is Erytop gel?

Erytop gel is topical gel applied on the face for the reduction of acne spots. It is prescribed for treating harsh acne which has caused spots on the area. Try and buy erytop gel online at AllGenericCure available for the cheapest price in USA and UK.

What are its uses?

It is prescribed for treating acne. The gel is proven to give promising results in treating acne.  Erytop gel comes in pink colour texture pack tube. To apply the gel on the spots where you can see the acne. Apply in the circular (clockwise or anticlockwise) direction. It is recommended to apply at night since it must not be applied during day. Sunlight can cause side effects.

Let the gel dry out properly. For good results apply for at least a month to get acne-free skin.

How Erytop works?

Clindamycin is an antibiotic it works by not letting bacteria to produce enzymes that helps them reproduce. Further, this way it reduces the growth can skin gets infection-free.

Buy erytop gel online ?

Yes you can the gel is available for purchase online. We at AllGenericcure sell it for the cheapest price

Side effects

Some of the side effects are listed below

  • Dry skin
  • Skin may seem dull
  • Itchiness
  • Burning sensation
  • Oily skin

Erytop gel online in USA

The gel is prescribed for harsh undesirable acne. Erytop gel buy online at AllGenericcure we ship in USA for the very low price. Looking to purchase in bulk ? We offer free shipping as well.

Missed dose

Don’t worry if you missed your dose. Apply it next night since going out under sun can cause side effects. It must be applied during the night. Let it dry and then go to sleep. By morning you can wash your face.


Overdosing will lead to slight dry skin and red spots.

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  1. Sophia (verified owner)

    Effective on acne and dark spots works as intended.

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