Flonida Cream (Fluorouracil)


Flonida cream comes in Fluorouracil 5% topical cream for warts and skin condition which causes formation of blisters on the infected area.


Flonida 5 cream

Fluorouracil 5% the active ingredient of Flonida cream 5% a cream prescribed for actinic keratosis, skin warts, skin cancer, breast cancer and bowel cancer. It treats warts and actinic keratosis which are caused by the exposure of UV in excess. Buy flonida 5 cream online at Allgenericcure for the cheap price online buy-in

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Flonida 5 cream uses

Fluorouracil cream uses are

  • Stopping the growth of cancer cells.
  • Used in Skin warts
  • Skin cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Actinic keratosis

Flonida cream manufacturer

Fluorouracil cream is manufactured by Menarini India Pvt Ltd. Price is just $6.00 per 10gm.

How flonida 5 cream works ?

The active ingredient Fluorouracil is an anti cancer drug which applied on the effected skin where warts can be seen. When applied, it reduces the growth of these cancer cells. It works by interfering with the structure of the cell. Thus it slows down the growth and ultimately the cancer cell dies.

How to use Flonida 5 cream

Fluorouracil cream is a prescription drug, it is prescribed to patients having cancerous like situation or skin condition which can turn to cancer. Warts is one such condition is treated with it. It is an anti cancer product which slows down the growth of the cancer cells by interfering with DNA and RNA structure of the cancer cell.

Apply the cream on affected area and do not go outside after applying. UV from the sun can cause reduction in the effects of the drug. Try to stay indoor.

Important Information: Wash the affected area carefully and wait till it gets dried. Rub it carefully until there is no residue left.

Active ingredient in Flonida cream

Fluorouracil 5% is the active ingredient.

Flonida cream brand name

Efudix is the brand name. 

Is Flonida 5 cream safe in pregnancy

If you are planning pregnancy or already pregnant, please seek immediate  assistance from the doctor for better guidance.

Flonida cream side effects

  • Dry skin
  • Tingling feeling
  • Irritation
  • Skin rash
  • Red patches
  • Loss of appetite
  • hair loss
  • Inflammation

Can I buy Flonida cream online ?

Buy flonida cream online at Allgenericcure. It is used for warts and skin cancer. It helps in reducing the cancer cell growth.


Apply Fluorouracil cream carefully as prescribed by the doctor. Do not apply more than 2 times a day. It is highly prescribed not to go outside after application. Try to stay at home.

Do not overdose and apply more than two times in a span of day. It can cause injury to your skin.

Active Ingredient


Brand Name



Menarini India Pvt Ltd

Pack Size

1 cream/10gm


Fluorouracil 5%


Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Warts


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