Glyco Cream


Glycolic Acid 6% w/w cream


Glyco Cream
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Glycolic Acid Cream 6%

Glyco cream 6% contains glycolic acid 6% w/w. It is a special cream used for skin care such as skin treatment, skin peel, acne peel off. This medicine was discovered in 1851. Glyco cream 6% is based on hydroxy acid cream. It prescribed to patients suffering from inflammation, skin care problems like acne peel. Buy Glyco cream 6%, Glycolic acid cream for cheap price at AGC.

Is Glycolic acid OTC drug

Yes you can get Glycolic acid cream as OTC drug.

What is the price of Glycolic acid cream

Price of Glyco cream is $4.88

Strength of Glyco cream

Glyco comes in 6% strength of Glycolic acid cream 6% w/w

Manufacturer of Glyco cream 6%

Micro Labs Ltd is the manufacturer of Glyco cream 6%

What are the uses of Glycolic acid cream 6%

Glycolic acid cream 6% is used by many patients across the globe some of the uses of Glyco cream are listed below

  • Treating hyperpigmentation
  • Dead skin peel
  • Acne peel
  • Inflammation on the skin


  • Do not apply this on skin on wounds
  • Having any skin allergy void application of Glyco cream
  • Light sensitive skin should avoid this cream application

Side effects

Some of the side effects the cream are

  • Redness
  • Patchy skin
  • Skin dryness
  • Oily skin
  • Skin getting sensitive to light
  • Skin peel off

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Active Ingredient

Glycolic Acid 6% w/w

Brand Name

Glycolic Acid cream


Micro Labs Ltd

Pack Size

1 tube pack


6% w/w




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