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Proluton Depot

What is Proluton depot 500 mg?

Proluton Depot 500mg is a synthetic progestin injection. It contains Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate which is prescribed to reduce the risk of preterm labor. This injection should be used by women who are pregnant with only one baby as well as by those women who previously had delivered a premature baby. Buy Proluton Depot 500mg injection in pregnancy at Allgenericcure. Here you can check information about how it works. how to use, its uses, dosage, and its side effects.


Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate is a progestin hormone that is used to reduce the risk of premature labor (baby delivery before 36 weeks of pregnancy) in women pregnant with one baby (singleton pregnancy) and who have delivered a premature baby in the past.

It is an intramuscular injection. Given to pregnant women who are progesterone level is low and reduces the premature birth of the baby starting from the 18th week of pregnancy to the 36th week as a pregnancy support process.

How does Proluton depot work in pregnancy?

Hydroxyprogesterone caproate is the main ingredient. It is a synthetic hormone. It reduces the risk of delivering a premature baby. Premature delivery occurs when the level of progesterone in women drops below the vital level to maintain the pregnancy, It maintains the progesterone levels and prevents premature labor. OHPC is the other name for Hydroxyprogesterone caproate.

Prevention of Preterm Birth: Premature birth happens between the 20 weeks – 36 weeks. Lower progesterone levels in the body can cause premature birth of the child. The injection is started from 16-20 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Avoid miscarriage: Lower progestin can cause loss of pregnancy which is called a miscarriage.


Manufactured by German Remedies in India. Proluton depot 500mg injection is given to women who have previously given birth to a baby which was born prematurely. The lower amount of progesterone that supports the pregnancy causes the fertilized egg to get detach from the uterus. Leading to miscarriage. Its course starts from the fourth month of pregnancy till the ninth month. Administration and regular should be done by your doctor at regular intervals.

Where to buy proluton depot online?

Buy Proluton depot online at Allgenericcure. We ship in the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Romania, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Active ingredients?

Hydroxyprogesterone is the active ingredient. It is a form of synthetic progestin similar to a female hormone called progesterone which is produced in ovaries. It reduces the risk of having premature baby birth in a woman who already had a premature baby. Women who earlier gave birth to twins and triplets should not use it. This drug does not prevent premature baby birth but it reduces the risk of having a premature baby delivery.

The medicine received FDA approval in 2011. Making one of the few medicines with very few side effects. And it is effective in pregnancy.


The injection is available in two strengths

  • 500 mg/2ml
  • 250 mg/1ml

How to use it?

Proluton depot is an oily injection for administering during pregnancy. Experiences show that there are sometimes reactions found like (the urge to cough, coughing, and respiratory distress) which occurs in rare case may be during or immediately after the injection of these solutions. To avoid coughing ask the physician to inject it slowly.

In case you miss a dose of proluton depot 250 mg injection, consume a dose as quickly as you remember. If you are close to the time for your next scheduled dose, wait until then and then consume your medicine. Never take an extra or double dose, for the previously missed dose. The proluton depot 500mg is injected every third day until 36 weeks of your pregnancy. You must follow the course that your doctor has recommended.

Missed dose

You should never miss your dosage. Take it at regular intervals of time and at the same time. As the prescription begins your whole pregnancy will be dependent on your dosage. Anytime you miss your dose you may experience premature birth or miscarriage (in the early stages of missing the dose).

Before opening and using the product, shake it well before loading it into the syringe.

Double dose

Proluton depot is prescribed once a week from weeks 20 to 36. So every week you have to get the injection. You should not double dose. Take once a week only.

Side effects

  1. Reddish and little swelling at the site of injection.
  2. Urge to cough after injection
  3. Development of some rashes around the site of injection.
  4. Skin itch
  5. Nausea
  6. Abdominal pain


  • Never consume expired medicine.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Store it away from direct light.
  • If you have loaded the shot, then take that immediately.
  • Do not use it if you earlier had twins, triplets, quadruple

Who should not use Proluton depot 500mg?

Proluton depot is a product developed for women who have previously given birth to a premature child. If you had a miscarriage then it is prescribed. Women who have given birth via normal pregnancy then you should not take it. The same is the case if you have given birth to twins, triplets, quadruples, or quintuplets. Talk to your doctor before taking the medicines.

Buy Proluton depot online at Allgenericcure in the USA, and UK available in 250 mg and 500 mg.


  1. Do not stop taking between your course
  2. Always take this injection in time.
  3. Store it in a cool place away from direct heat and light.
  4. Throw the injection and needle after using
  5. Always use a new needle with any injection
  6. Do not reuse used injections and their needles

Patients with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar levels regularly. The progestin hormone may alter sugar levels. You should not use it if you have delivered multiple babies like twins, triplets, or quadruplets.

Safety at the time of breastfeeding?

It is not safe for breastfeeding children. Do not take it while breastfeeding.

How does Proluton depot prevent preterm birth and miscarriage?

Treating preterm birth, condition happens when the unborn gets detached from the lining of the uterus. Due to lower level progestin. When the treatment starts with the proluton depot, from the 4 months of the pregnancy, an injection is given to maintain progestin levels in women. Progestin is the hormone called progesterone which regulates the menstrual cycle. The hormone produces the proteins which develop and nourish the child.

When the hormone levels reach an adequate level they let you properly maintain your pregnancy. Reducing the risk of having a premature birth again.

How long do you need to take Proluton depot 500 mg?

You should follow your doctor’s prescription. He/she will tell more about it, like how long you have to take this drug. Correct dosage and length (time) of treatment will depend on the patient’s condition and response to the medication.

Generally starting from the 16th week of pregnancy lasting till the 36th week of the pregnancy which is the 8th month.

How to store?

Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and light, and store it below 25 Celsius to maintain its potency. Buy Proluton depot Online in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Romania, Russia, Spain, Australia, USA, UK, Australia, Oman, and Vietnam.

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