Rotahaler inhaler device for Rotacaps



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cipla rotahaler for rotacap inhalation

Rotahaler inhaler device for Rotacaps

What is Rotahaler device?

Rotahaler is a plastic inhalation device. Used by patients to take powder medication called rotacaps to treat lung ailments. Patients with COPD have been prescribed either inhalers or rotacaps. It enables one to take a fixed dosage and medication. The process of inhalation is quite easy. Buy Rotahaler device for inhalation online in UK and USA at Allgenericcure.

How to use Rotahaler inhaler device?

Rotahaler is manufactured by Cipla and can be used with Cipla rotacaps capsules. Open the capsule put it in the cutter and rotate the bottom part of the Cipla rotahaler. Half of the capsule will fall off. Exhale your lungs and take the mouthpiece and take a inhale using the rotahaler. There will be a whistling sound which means you are doing it correctly.

For more guidance, you can use the below video by Dr. Arun Lakhanpal.

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