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Silverex cream is a silver sulfadiazine cream brand manufactured by Sun Pharma. One of the best creams to heal wounds from burn cuts as fast as possible. Silverex Creams contains active silver which helps in the fast healing of the wounds. The cream works by stopping the growth of the bacterial infection in an open wound. SSD Cream is available in tube and jar packs. Buy silver sulfadiazine cream online at Allgenericcure. Get the best pricing on SSD creams by buying jars.

Where to buy silver sulfadiazine cream online?

Buy silver sulfadiazine cream at Allgenericcure.

Silver sulfadiazine cream uses?

It is prescribed in treating and healing burns and open wounds. The active ingredient present silver stops the growth of bacterial infection and helps in healing the wound much faster.

Is it effective against sunburn?

For sunburn, silver sulfadiazine cream is not recommended. It is prescribed to patients who have third-degree burns. Sunburn is not like a third-degree burn. Use Aleovera by applying it to the affected skin area.

What is the price of silver sulfadiazine cream?

A 240gm jar of silver sulfadiazine cream is very cost-effective making $0.05 per gram. Buy it for the cheapest price at Allgenericcure. Silverex cream is an OTC, essential cream for wounds and cuts. Heals the skin very quickly.

Active Ingredient

Silver Sulfadiazine Cream

Brand Name



Sun Pharma


Third degree burn


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