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Zhewitra 20 mg

What is Zhewitra 20 mg?

Zhewitra is a 20 mg vardenafil tablet for men to help them improve the quality of erection after having the problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a condition where a man is unable to hold an erection or unable to achieve an erection which reduces the quality of the sexual intercourse. It is common in recent times due to increased stress levels and bad food habits caused by eating fast food and other fat-based eatables. Buy Zhewitra 20 mg Online at Allgenericcure.


  • Improve the quality of erection in men who are having trouble with erections being soft or unable to hold for long.

How to use it?

To use Zhewitra 20 mg, take the tablet about 25 to 60 minutes before sexual activity. The medication can be taken with or without food, but it is best to avoid a high-fat meal as it can reduce the effectiveness of the medication. The recommended starting dose is 10 mg, and the maximum recommended dose is 20 mg.

It’s important to note that vardenafil does not work without sexual stimulation. You should not take more than one dose of vardenafil in a 24-hour period. If you have any questions or concerns about using vardenafil, talk to your doctor.

Side effects?

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Upset Stomach
  • Acid reflux
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Brain fog
  • Blurry vision

How to store?

  • Keep it in a cool and dry place away from direct
  • For men only
  • Keep it away from kids


Active ingredient?

Generic for Vardenafil 20 mg, available in

  • 10 mg
  • 20 mg
  • 40 mg
  • 60 mg
  • and Soft tablet


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