Respiratation Protection

In today’s world, we are having increased pollution everywhere. With the recent stats, we have surpassed the maximum amount of co2 production per day. Making us more viable of having the respiratory disease. The pollution we inhale makes us inhaling PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles which can cause permanent damage to our lungs that much amount is making us heavy smoker who is inhaling smoke, particles. Increased pollution inhalation makes us look older than we are. Interestingly it has been found that pollution makes young kids forget everything. In such cases, you should use Mask which provides protection against such conditions. Buy N95 Masks and disposable 3 layered masks at Allgenericcure for the cheapest price online. Mask serves two purposes

  1. Protect from Asthma
  2. Virus infections
  3. Pollution of pollutants like PM 10 and PM 2.5

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