Rabies Vaccines

Purified Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine, Rabies Vaccine, Human I.P.


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For Intramuscular/ Intradermal use

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Rabies Vaccines

What are Rabies vaccines?

Rabies Vaccine is a type of vaccine that is used to prevent rabies. Rabies is a type of disease spread by dog bites, and bar bites. The brand available for rabies vaccines is Abhayrab which can be administered by both skin/dermo based and in the muscle. Buy Rabies vaccines online at Allgenericcure.

What is the cost per rabies vaccine?

Rabies vaccines are available at a bulk price so at Allgenericcure we can negotiate the pricing of the vaccine.

What is the schedule for rabies vaccines?

The schedule of rabies vaccination followed by first

  • Administer the vaccines on the Zero-day with Tetanus vaccines
  • 3rd day of the bite
  • 7th day of the bite
  • 14th day of the bite
  • 28th day of the bite

What if the bite is from a rabid dog/bat?

If there is a confirmation about the bite that occurred from a Rabid dog or bat get a shot of Human Rabies Immunoglobulin with 1 shot of rabies vaccines and a Tetanus vaccine.

How many doses are administered?

A total of 5 doses are administered for the Rabies Vaccine. Doses are administered as follows

  • Day 0 of the bite
  • Day 3 of the bite
  • Day 7 of the bite
  • Day 14 of the bite
  • Day 28 of the bite

Brand name?

Abhayrab is the brand name for Rabies Vaccines.


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