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Active Ingredient

Almond seed extract, Ginseng extract, Glycerin, Mulberry extract, N-acetyl glucosamine, Oat puff extract, Safflower oil, Soy protein

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Win Medi-care Pvt Ltd

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Mederma Cream x 2 Cream/s, Mederma Cream x 4 Cream/s, Mederma Cream x 6 Cream/s

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What is Mederma scar cream?

Mederma is a revolutionary scar-treatment product that can be used on almost any type of scar, including acne scars, surgical scars, burn scars, and stretch marks. But there’s more. It’s also great for hyperpigmentation – dark areas of skin caused by sun damage, hormonal changes, or by using certain medications. In fact, it works so well for these conditions that it gained FDA approval as a prescription drug. Like all adobo products, Mederma is made from 100% natural ingredients. So if you’re not completely delighted with the results, just use them and you will surely provide a good review of its results.

What is Mederma uses?

Mederma is used for treating scars. The ingredients of Mederma are soy protein, safflower oil, glycerin, oat puff extract, almond seed extract, ginseng extract, mulberry extract, and n-acetyl glucosamine. These natural active ingredients help to improve the appearance of scars very quickly. It nourishes skin cells to promote collagen regeneration. It’s perfectly safe to apply on scars even for sensitive skin types. This surely offers you natural relief from the pain or discomfort of scars without any side effects or adverse reactions.

Does Mederma works on old scars and pimple marks?

Designed to fix scars, Mederma is a scar removal cream that can help diminish discoloration by reducing dark spots caused by healing scars. Used for many years by dermatologists, the patented combination of ingredients in Mederma assists with the healing stage of acute or old wounds.

Mederma also improves the skin and helps in the removal of damage caused by the pimple marks.

Where to Buy Mederma cream?

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What is mederma active ingredient?

The active ingredients in Mederma are

  1. Soy protein
  2. Safflower oil
  3. Glycerin
  4. Oat puff extract
  5. Almond seed extract
  6. Ginseng extract
  7. Mulberry extract
  8. N-acetyl glucosamine

Why Mederma cream is prescribed?

  1. It is a natural product
  2. #1 recommended cream in the USA by dermatologists for scars and acne
  3. Helps in the removal of scars and pimple marks
  4.  Lightens skin marks and dark marks after the pregnancy, pregnancy marks, and contraceptive pill marks.

Side effects?

There are no side effects reported for the product.


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