Placentrex Gel (Placenta Extracts)

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Placentrex gel / Placenta extracts 0.1gm

Placentrex Gel (Placenta Extracts)

Placentrex Gel (Placenta Extracts)

Placentrex gel is gel based on the placenta extract 0.1 gm which is applied on the wounds which becomes difficult to heal. It works well for non healing wounds. It is made of the natural placenta of human received from the hospitals. It works best and only to be used for the chronic non-healing wounds.

How it manufactured

Placentrex gel is made of natural placenta which is received from the patients, it is first refrigerated at temperature lower than  -100 Celsius, then after 7 days it is brought into the factory and then the gel is produced from the placenta extract.

How much placenta is present in the gel

Placentrex gel has Placenta 0.1%.

What are the uses of placentrex gel

It is used in the variety of cases such as

  • Chronic non healing wounds
  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin injury
  • First degree burns

Any Side effects

As per the independent tests on the patients it has been found that there are no side effects of placentrex gel. It can be assumed safe for the application.


Placenta extract 0.1% is manufactured by Albert & David.

What is the source of placenta

Placenta is collected by Albert David from the hospitals directly. These are natural placenta received from the human.

Where can I buy Placenta gel 0.1gm online

Buy placenta gel , placentrex gel online for cheap price in UK, Spain and South Korea at AllGenericcure. Purchase placenta extract gel 0.1gm at flat $5.50. It widely used to treat skin burn, non healable skin wounds, skin burns and it has shown great results to the patients using it.

How to store placentrex gel

To store the placenta gel do the following

  • Keep it away from direct source of heat.
  • Do not store it in place where direct sunlight comes.
  • Recap after using
  • Apply carefully on the wound
  • Do not use beyond the expiration date

What is the price of placentrex gel online

It is available online for cheap price of just $5.50 per 20gm tube manufactured by Albert David.

Active Ingredient

Placenta Extracts

Brand Name

Placentrex Gel


Albert David Ltd

Pack Size

20gm pack


Placenta extracts 0.1gm


Wounds, Tissue regeneration


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