Anti addiction

Anti addiction for drugs and alcohol are the medicines which stops the craving of alcohol and drugs when you stop taking them. The drugs are used to treat they help in withdrawal and detoxing the body.

These medicines help people to cope with their addiction which is very difficult for the a person who have lost control over it. All medicines are given at rehab so that the patients can get sober.

When a patient starts coping, they suffer a lot from anxiety and depression. The path towards sobriety is quite difficult since addiction gets over powered over the patient.

What is addiction ?

Addiction is disease in the brain in which brain concentrate, focus on only specific substance and keep using it even though they know it can be fatal for them. It can change how your brain functions causing intense craving for the substance

Treating addiction of drugs and alcohol

To treat it usually patients are referred to drug and alcohol free environment. For that they are hospitalised which are sober environment. They are kept away from drugs and alcohol for long.

Anti addictions drugs available

Naltrexone 50 mg, Nodict 50

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