How to Mix HCG Powder

HCG Powder are those HCG which comes in dried freezed form. Before using them they are mixed with bacteriostatic water usually NaCl sterile water comes with each pack of powder hcg.

In any dried freezed product there is more than the international units present in each injection of the HCG. If we are using 5000 i.u the product may have more than 5000 I.U present at a time. It is said that the product which is dried freezed has excellent quality and preserves for a much longer period of time. A liquid type of HCG must be kept in a refrigerator most of the time. While Powder one can be kept at room temperature

In the late 19th century, technology was used to preserve various plant and animal tissue. It helped in keeping it intact for a longer period of time. And tissue remains intact. Helped in preserving the blood plasma for creating penicillin. Even Nasa uses the technique in food for the astronauts who goes into the Internation Space Station.

Now the million-dollar question How Do I Mix HCG Powder?

Before starting keep handy
A. Tissue paper
B. HCG Powder vial plastic covering removed and sterile water opened.
C. New syringe on every use
D. Alcohol Swab to clean the site of injection

  1. Take the NaCl vial, break and open it.

    Break the bacteriostatic water vial which came with the pack.

  2. Use the Syringe to take the water out.

    Syringe sucks the water out the amount is 2ml.

  3. Inject it into the HCG powder vial

    Inject all the water in the syringe into the vial. By first removing the plastic cap present on the injection. Then take the syringe and insert it into the rubber-like covering on the injection.

  4. Mix it well.

    Mix the injection by thoroughly shaking the Powder HCG until no residue is left.

  5. Load the mixture

    After shaking it completely take the syringe to insert it again in the rubber layer, turn the injection upside down. Now the syringe must be down and the HCG vial upside. Load the HCG Mixture into the syringe.

  6. Proper Administration

    This product required to be injected under the proper administration of a specialised/approved physician. Follow your prescription carefully. Before using it clean the body area where you are going to inject.

How to store

After mixing, you must store the liquid solution and keep it in refrigerator before and after every use. Do not freeze it under any circumstance.

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