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Estradiol Valerate tablets are the hormone tablets which contains female estrogen hormone estradiol. These are produced in the ovaries which maintain women’s essential organ work completely fine. Progynova pills available in 1mg and 2mg form


Progynova pills are an estrogen tablet. Estradiol valerate is the main ingredient. Estradiol drug is the hormone responsible for the development and maintaining the level of the hormone well in the female. These pills are prescribed when a woman is in HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Buy Progynova 2mg online at Allgenericcure in the UK. Here you can checkout cost price, reviews, uses, get all details such as missed dose, how much, precautions to take before taking this drug, how much strength I need to take, how to take pillsWe ship in

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This is an essential hormone lack of them can cause vaginal irritation, blood in the urine (hot flashes), and bone loss.

What is Estradiol drug?

Estradiol is a sex hormone or estrogen. It produced in the ovaries of the female. Helps in the development of secondary sexual traits in female such as the development of Breast, lowering the pitch of the female voice. Estradiol Valerate is the active ingredient of progynova 2mg.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

  • When organs are unable to produce an adequate amount of hormones it causes several problems in women such as hot flashes, bone loss, vaginal irritation. In such cases, estradiol is prescribed with some other estrogens.
  • For the wellbeing of women, estrogens are produced inside the ovaries. It is responsible for the development of secondary sexual traits.
  • After completing the therapy these symptoms would have been over.

How Progynova 2mg works?

Estradiol valerate 2mg the active ingredient used in the menopausal treatment, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). It also used in treatment such as hot flashes, vaginal irritation, and dryness, Osteoporosis (bone loss in women).

Estradiol the hormone found in a woman. A female sex hormone produced by the ovaries. When women are unable to produce an adequate amount of this estrogen in body then the doctor recommends Estradiol drug which is taken in the form of Gel which known as Oestrogel 17B Oestradiol Gel. Required to take it externally and thus it works as a replacement for the natural hormone. This drug contains oestradiol valerate, a precursor of the hormone oestradiol which works as a replacement for estrogen.

Progynova 2mg uses?

  • Progynova pills also known as brand Estrace is prescribed in cases where the woman is suffering osteoporosis in which they suffer from bones getting fragile. Lack of adequate production of Estrogen in body naming estradiol in their ovaries causes these symptoms. It usually happens when they are in their postmenopausal phase. Due to the low production of Estradiol, they suffer from many problems such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, a bone loss which turns out to be a painful phase.
  • It works very well to treat problems related to thinning and shrinking of tissues in the urethra and the vagina and decreased lubrication of the organ called vaginal atrophy.
  • Overcomes the issue of having ovarian failure which fails to produce the required amount of estrogen in the body. In the postmenopausal phase, medicine is quite useful in the treatment of osteoporosis. After an ovarian surgery, the medicine is used to counter the postoperative complications.
  • It is a powerful drug for the prevention of prostate cancer.
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How to administer progynova pills?

Take one tablet with one glass of water. Do not break it into half. Always follow your doctor’s prescription.

Estradiol is estrogen which is produced in the female ovaries responsible for developing secondary characteristics such as breast development, lowering the pitch of the voice like those in a female. Progynova 2 mg which contains estradiol 2 mg as its active ingredient works by increasing the lower estrogen levels in the body which causes a decrease in sex drive, bone loss, hot flashes, vaginal dryness. To overcome the problem of lower estradiol in the body, it is required to go for HRT to get freedom from all the symptoms of menopause.

The pills are the combination of Estradiol drug and Valerate it is given to women who are suffering from the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, vaginal irritation, boneless.


  • 1 mg costs $7.10 per 28 pills.
  • 2 mg costs $10.20 per 28 pills.

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Can I buy Progynova 2mg online in the UK?

You can buy Progynova 2mg online in the UK just sitting in your home. Order Estradiol Valerate 2 mg online at AllGenericcure for cheap $10.20 per 28 tablets with no minimum buying quantity required.


  • Do not take if you are pregnant.
  • If you are breastfeeding avoid taking progynova pills.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any allergies with Estradiol drug.
  • Be cautious before taking estradiol while you are breastfeeding your baby

Using progynova pills in pregnancy

Estradiol drug is also used in IVF treatment. During the treatment female uterine lining is required to be thick enough so that the egg can be attached easily. It must remain maintained during the pregnancy period to avoid the possibility of the premature birth of the baby.

How much should I take

It is an oral medication. Take it with water only. You need to take it for as long as your doctor has mentioned taking this. Never leave your medication in between your current prescription as you might lose all your progress. We procure products from the top manufacturers.

Where can I buy progynova 2mg online?

You can buy progynova pills for cheap price at AllGenericcure.

Missed dose

If you missed dose, you should take the dose as soon as you got to know about it. If it’s time to take the next dose then do not take a double dose, as it can be hazardous for you. Do not overdose or take double dose this drug.


Overdose can lead to clotting of blood and depression. Use progynova 2mg wisely follow prescription carefully. If you feel any discomfort talk to your doctor immediately. Do not take double dose either.

Side effects

  • Body Rash
  • Loss of appetite
  • Joint pain
  • Urge to cough
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Breast Tenderness


Store it carefully away from children. Keep in a cool and dry place.


Where to buy online?

Buy Progynova 2mg online at

What does it does in IVF

Estradiol levels are important to maintain pregnancy. Todo that before pregnancy the doctor will ask you to take progynova 2mg. It thickens uterine walls which are essential for the maintenance of your pregnancy.

Active Ingredient

Estradiol Valerate

Brand Name



Bayer Zydus

Pack Size

28 tablet/s


Progynova 1mg, Progynova 2mg

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